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Pure Agrica

Welcome to Pure Agrica co-founded by Kiran Ujjina, a software professional, and Kishore Kumar, a renowned Anesthesiologist and Intensivist in Andhra Pradesh, India. With their diverse expertise and shared passion for agriculture, Kiran and Kishore have joined forces to create a unique venture that bridges the worlds of technology, healthcare, and farming. Through their firm, they aspire to stay close to Mother Earth and bring forth a wide array of exceptional agricultural products. From Kiran's deep understanding of modern farming techniques to Kishore's extensive knowledge in healthcare and cultivation, their combined efforts ensure the highest quality and innovation in the products they offer. 

Kiran Ujjina, Managing Partner

Kiran Ujjina, a seasoned software professional who has traversed the realms of technology across Europe, the United States, and India. However, driven by an unwavering passion for farming and a deep connection to the wonders of nature, Kiran has decided to embark on an extraordinary journey. This trailblazer aspires to break free from the confines of the tech world and embrace a life rooted in the beauty of Mother Earth.

Kishore Ujjina, Managing Partner

Introducing Kishore Kumar, a distinguished doctor renowned for his expertise in the medical field in India. With an impressive track record of over 25000 successful surgeries including transplants, Kishore Kumar has established himself as a trusted healthcare professional. Now, he is embarking on a new chapter in his career, joining forces with Kiran Ujjina to co-found an import-export firm that brings together their passion for farming and commitment to making a difference.


Pure Agrica, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

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